Vol 11, No 1 (2007)

Annales Bogorienses

In  this  issue, 4 original research papers and a review papers are presented.  The first

paper described the author  attempt to improve transgenic rice plants performance against stem borer.  The use of  a wound-inducible promoter maize proteinase inhibitor  (mpi).  The approach should be  able to control  the expression of the cry gene and  to avoid  resistant breakdown of the  transgenic  rice plant against the yellow stem borer.  The second paper described  the  application  of another wound-inducible promoter MeEFI  from  Manihot esculenta to  express hepatitis B surface antigen (HbsAg), a vaccin against hepatitis  B.  The constructions of pIasmid vectors were described in the paper. The third paper described the study and  mutation analyses of motif IT of  the Japanese encephalitis,  virus (JEY) NS3 on RNA binding  activity.  The  fourth  paper described  the  presence  and  activity  of a  rice endogenous transposable element Tos17 in  two non Japonica cultivars. The author' aim of the study was to seek the possibility of  using Tos 17 for genome analyses in  Indonesian rice cultivar. The review paper described  the present  status of  the agricultural microbe bio­prospecting in  Indonesia, including  the  suggested direction  and  the challenges  for  the implementation. With such a wide coverage of  research topics, we hope that this issue of Annales Bogoriensies will be able to deliver the wide aspect of biotechnology, molecular biology and biochemistry research.


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Amy Estiati, Syamsidah Rahmawati, Dwi Astuti, Inez H.S Loedin
Sony Suhandono, Ernawati A.Giri Rachman, Ima M. Zainuddin, Putri Dwi Utari, Apsari Supraba, Amy Estiati
Andi Utama, Hiroyuki Shimizu
Satya Nugroho, Inez HS Loedin, Pieter BF Ouwerkerk
Endang Sukara
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